Shooters Monthly Meeting Critiquing Format


Critiquing helps the member who has submitted an image learn how the image may or may not be improved upon through a variety of techniques he/she may not have considered at the time. It is meant to be a learning experience.

We will start with these basic rules of good photography:


Exposure: Is the image correctly exposed, over/under?


Focus: Is the image in focus and/or focused on the right



Horizon: (if any) Is it level, too high, or too low?


Leading lines: Are there any, are they necessary, location?


Rule of thirds: Are they/could they be applied?


Composition: How well/could it be changed or improved?

Tips and Tricks

Many of us like to get out and shoot on foggy misty days, these conditions often create great opportunities. They can create hazards. Condensation can form on your lens and filters causing damage. Keep an eye out for this, and wipe them down often with a microfiber cloth.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” ......Ansel Adams